Why would Injured Workers Need an Injury Compensation Advocate? For 20+ years our clients cite these 3 reasons above all others:
  • Claims get rejected unjustly
  • Injured workers cannot afford to wait excessively long periods & appealing every decision
  • Workers need medical care and prescriptions quickly & cannot afford risking permanent injuries due to delays or rejection

Although there are alternate means of appealing WCB / WSIB Claims, the fact remains that numerous workers visit this site daily in desperate search for alternate Claim Representation. Together with the fact that a large percentage of these injured workers request Dr-Comp to act as their Advisor is a statement in itself

Dr-Comp has consistently achieved a settlement success ratio of 96%+, settlement 50% faster, and maximize settlement in excess 46% of the originally WCB / WSIB proposed amounts

Are you an Injured Worker ? Do you feel as though you have now become a WCB VICTIM as well?  You are not alone. In fact, injured workers require representation from professional advocates who are well versed with the worker's rights and experienced at securing them. At the very least they should be able to let you know if your claim is valid, the claim and/or appeal options, the potential settlement amount and payment options, and the implications / considerations representation. Do not miss out, WCB / WSIB and Canada Disability Pension Plan have imposed varying Time-Limitations for Filing Claims and establishing Appeals Submission. 

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